By Admin on 5 February 2023

Bed Bug Foggers didn't work for me

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When I first discovered my bed bug infestation, one method that sounded promising to get rid of them was using a bed bug fogger. Release a fog and done, simple enough. What a naive way to think with bed bugs! I used the fogger three times and it never made a difference in my 400 sq ft. studio apartment. Notably, the studio I lived in was older and had many crevices for the bed bugs to hide in. I suspect foggers do not work well in older apartments like this.

But the bed bug foggers on Amazon have 4 star reviews. Shouldn’t I use it?

Amazon’s marketplace is highly competitive and products notoriously have fake reviews to drive their ratings up. If you happen to be doing a DIY bed bug treatment, be pragmatic with your purchases and do not rely solely on the product rating alone. Be sure to read the critical reviews. Many negative reviews for foggers mention they could in fact make your infestation worse by driving the bed bugs further into your home as they escape the fog. I eventually had to use a professional pest control team, which I recommend to you.

What do you think?

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