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You can get bed bugs from Amazon packages

15 March 2023 by Admin

Mark this as an unusual way to get bed bugs. A user... continue reading

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Be vigilant with used furniture and bed bugs

11 February 2023 by Admin

It is common knowledge that bed bugs get into your home by... continue reading

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Bed Bug Foggers didn't work for me

When I first discovered my bed bug infestation, one method that sounded promising to get rid of them was using a bed bug fogger. Release a fog and done, simple enough. What a naive way to think with bed bugs! I used the fogger three times and it never made a difference in my 400 sq ft. studio apartment. Notably,...

Is Cimexa the magic bed bug killer?

Note: This is not an endorsement of Cimexa. This is a story highlighting the success of Cimexa as a bed bug treatment. If you have used it before, we’d love to share your story. We believe consulting with a professional pest control team would be best and most safe if you are interested in using Cimexa. In 2011 when I...

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