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Is Cimexa the magic bed bug killer?

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Note: This is not an endorsement of Cimexa. This is a story highlighting the success of Cimexa as a bed bug treatment. If you have used it before, we’d love to share your story. We believe consulting with a professional pest control team would be best and most safe if you are interested in using Cimexa.

In 2011 when I contended with a bed bug infestation, I was on a budget as a recent college grad. I looked for DIY solutions and the one I found was diatomaceous earth (DE). It’s a dust / powder that needs to be applied to cracks and crevices - anywhere bed bugs might hide and travel through. It attachs to the bed bug’s outer shell and dehydrates them causing death. Even though it is touted as “food-grade”, the major setback with DE was its health risks. Inhaling it is dangerous as the dust can lacerate soft tissue. Incorrectly applying it posed many risks! I never used it but was always keen on reading others’ experience.

Fast forward to now and it appears Cimexa is a common solution mentioned almost as much if not more than DE. Why couldn’t I find this back then! Searching YouTube or Reddit will yield countless examples of Cimexa being used successfully to eradicate bed bugs, even in DIY cases.

How Cimexa is applied

This YouTube video by Rockwell labs (they manufacture it as a product) shows how Cimexa is applied in a home.

A YouTuber who successfully used Cimexa to get rid of bed bugs

A similarity with the video above, this Youtuber used a paintbrush to apply Cimexa around their sleeping area and was able to completely get rid of their bed bug infestation.

Tons of Reddit users discussing and using Cimexa, with lots of positive affirmation to its effectiveness

You’ll notice some users are having issues with it being harmful. This can’t be understated and why I recommend always discussing your pest control approach with a professional if you are able.

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